Crazy Island is a boardsports club (kite, windsurf, SUP). You can escape the winter with exciting getaway to the windy Vietnam. Check more details here.
We would like to share with you our way of life. We live close to the nature all year round devoted to the wind, sea, mountains and snow; exploring and discovering each day. During the summer we are at one of the windiest spots in Europe – the Turkish island Gokceada/Imbros in the Aegean sea. Imbros – the Greek name of the island means – windy. The wind is 20 – 25 knots each day and often over 30 knots. The season in Gokeada is from May to October. Here you can take kite, windsurf and SUP lessons, courses, equipment for rent and storage. The lessons are provided by qualified instructors and reliable new equipment.

During the winter from November to April we organize specialized kite and windsurf trips to Brazil, Vietnam and Morocco, as well as ski, snowboard and snow kite vacations in Kosovo, Serbia and Bulgaria.

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