Getting to Gokceada island is easy. You can get here by car and or by plane. The island is located in the Aegean sea across the Dardanelles. Gokceada is only 17 miles (31 km) from the mainland and takes about one and a half hour to get on the island with ferry from Kabatepe port. During the summer the ferries are at each 2 hours.

By car – you can get to Gokceada traveling through Greece or Bulgaria.
trough Greece Gokceada is 170 km far from the Greek/Turkish border. The distance from Ipsala (the town at the border) to Kabatepe port is about 140 km. The road is very good most on motorway, takes less than 2 hours.
trough Bulgaria – the distance to Gokceada from Bulgarian/Turkish border near Edirne is 250 km, the road is mostly on motorways, takes about 2 – 3 hours.  If you are going to travel with leasing or company car get your authorization translated in Turkish or English. 
Speed limit – 130 km on motorways, 110 km on speed ways, 90 km on the normal road, 50 km in the towns.
Ferryboat schedule

07:00 07:00
09:00 09:00
11:00 11:00
13:00 13:00
15:00 15:00
17:00 17:00
19:00 19:00
21:00 21:00

The cost for car is about 9 EUR.

By plane to Istanbul – you can easily find cheep flight to Istanbul – where you have several options:
to book a transfer to Gokceada with us – 120 EUR / per car, takes 3 – 4 hours to the ferry
to rent a car from Istanbul airport– we would also recommend this – the distance from Istanbul to Gokceada is about 340 km, mostly on highway. Istanbul airport is on the European part of Istanbul, close to the the high way.

Finding Crazy Island once you get in Gokceada. You will depart at Kuzulimani port, follow the main road for 4 km to get to Gokceda town. In the town continue to the same main road (Ataturk Blvd), trough the very center of the town to the exit of the town. There is a T-crossroad at the exit, turn left to Aydincik, the beach with flat water. Follow this road for 8 km, where you will see small village Eselek right after the village there is a crossroad – turn right, and after 2 km on the first T-crossroad turn left and you are at Aydincik beach. You will find us easy. By the road is Sarduniya complex – blue-green wooden chalets. Near the beach is Crazy Island Center. See you on the water.