We are located at Gokceada island, Aegean Sea, Turkey.
The wind  is North-East. This is the same well known Meltemi which works in all the islands in the Aegean. The wind in Gokceada is accelerated by thermal and venturi effects. During the summer there is constant wind 22 – 25 knots in the morning, which slowly falls to 6-12 knots in the late afternoon. Fronts come with strong winds around 28-35 knots or stronger.


There are 2 main spots in Gokceada island – with mirror flat water (off shore wind) and spot with waves up to 1.5-2 meters (on shore, side on shore).
Active season in Gokceada – from May to October. From June to mid September wet suit is not necessary. In the beginning of May and in October long 3/4/5mm wet suit is recommended as the water is chilly, after mid May and the second half of September shorty or 1-2 mm wet suit is OK.
Flat water Aydincik beach (offshore) – it is mirror flat water spot, which offers perfect conditions for advancing in freestyle and race every morning, and for beginners in the afternoon when the wind falls. The sea bed is sandy and safe. Crazy Island is located on this beach. The center is equipped with 2 resque boats for assistance.
Wave spot/Kite beach (on shore) – great jumping conditions for wave riders at all levels. Big bay with sandy bed, safe for the riders and the gear. The wave spot is 2 km far from the center, we arrange transfer to the wave spot for the riders and the equipment.
Secret sports (side shore) – the island is big and undiscovered. There are other great places except the main spots, the secret spots are side shore spots with waves up to 2 m. If you are looking for new adventure and want to stay out of the crowd we can arrange trip upon request, the spots are reachable in half hour from Crazy Island center at Aydincik beach.
Downwind – it is a great experience and fun – the downwind distance is about 15 km and the final stop is at the wave spot, the starting point is 1/2 hour drive from our center, trips could be arranged upon request.
Where we are Crazy Island kite & windsurf is at Aydincik beach (the flat water spot). The center is a part of a beach complex with wooden villas, restaurant, coffee-bar and garden, with wi-fi access everywhere.

More about Gokceada – it is the largest island in Turkey, part of Canakkale province. The island is with area of 279 square kilometers, located across the Dardanelles. Gokceada island is a part of Cittaslow towns international network. Cittaslow towns aim to be great places to live, work and visit. The main source of income is agriculture, tourism and fishing. 
Places to see in Gokceada
– a round trip will help you to discover the diversity and hidden beauty of the island. You can explore the small bays, chill in the shadow of hundreds years old trees, watch the sea and visit different small villages. Our favorite villages in Gokceada are the following:
Zeytinli köy – small village with narrow stone streets, old Greek houses, and several small but cafés.
Bademli köy – small village located to the northeast part of the island on a high hill with view to the sea and Samothrace island.
Dereköy – is a large old Greek village it used to be the largest village in Turkey, but many people left it back then. It is located on the laps of two different hills. The surrounding area is incredibly beautiful and peaceful.
Tepeköy – is located in the north of the island near an existing volcano which is the highest point of Gokceada island.
Kaleköy is on the north-eastern coast of the island across Samothrace island. Kaleköy has a small port for fishing boats and yachts, open marketplace for souvenirs, few restaurants and cafés near the port alley.
Gokceada center – eclectic town with different small shops, barber shops,  and open Sunday marketplace. Gokceada is 6 km far from the port to the mainland (Kuzuliman) and 12 km from Aydincik beach.

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