Our garden-restaurant with sea view offers fresh fish every day.  You can find Sea bream, Sea bass, Red mullet, Tuna fish, Sword fish, John Dory,  squids, octopus and shrimps. We offer different appetizers and fresh salads, pasta and more from the Mediterranean and traditional cuisine.  And a selection of good wines. The products used like meat, vegetables, olive oil and more are locally grown on the island or in the region of Canakkale.

Salads and starters
– Greek
– Green salad with chicken
– Arugula salad
– Vegetable starters
– Starters with sea products

– Sea bream
– Sea bass
– Red Mullet
– Red porgy
– Tuna fish
– Sword fish
– John Dory

Sea products
– Squid
– Octopus
– Shrimps

– Spaghetti with sea products
– Spaghetti with chicken and cream
– Manti

Burgers and fast
– Hamburger
– Burger with chicken
– Gozleme
– Sigara borek
– Homemade fried potatoes

– Meat bolls
– Chicken spit
– Hindi
– Lamb spit
– Lamb steak
– Veal fillet