During the first lessons you will get used to the equipment and will learn the base moves for balance and control while skiing or snowboarding.

Skiing and snowboarding will become easier and more controlled, when you enhance your technique, so we will focus on this. We will ride together on more difficult terrains, you will start learning carving technique, while we have unforgettable days on the snow.

You can always improve yourself. Know your limits and go beyond them. We are going to really focus on your technique, we will move to a raw terrains, steep slopes or freeride. Push your self and prepare to be really tired at the end of the training day.

Ski and snowboard individual lessons
1 hour – 20 EUR
2 hours – 35 EUR
3 hours – 50 EUR
4 hours – 60 EUR

Ski and snowboard rentals
ski/snowboard complete  1 day – 15 EUR
ski/snowboard complete  2 days – 25 EUR
ski/snowboard complete  3 days – 35 EUR
ski/snowboard complete  4 days – 45 EUR
ski/snowboard complete  5 days – 55 EUR
ski/snowboard complete  6 days – 60 EUR

Even if they say THERE ARE NO FRIENDS ON POWDER DAY:) you can give it a try with us!
1 day (9.30 – 15.00) 1-2 persons – 115 EUR
3 days (9.30 – 15.00ч) 1-2 persons – 300 EUR

* for each additional person + 15 EUR per day max. group 4 persons